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Friday, June 13, 2008

Linked Data Planet

Next week is the first annual Linked Data Planet conference, which will be held in NY. I was really excited when I first hear about this, and excited about attending, because two of the keynotes are visionaries who I have been wanted to hear speak for such a long time but haven't yet had the opportunity: Kingsley Idehen and Tim Berners-Lee. I'm really excited about this particular event, because it puts a concentrated focus on the momentum building around Linked Data, which is one of the chief byproducts of the Semantic Web. I believe that this event will mark a critical turning point for the Semantic Web movement.

I will also be doing a talk on Dbpedia, Ontowiki, and Cypher, and a new service called Cynapse. In addition, I will have a demo of some of the latest Cypher features and improvements both in presentation and in the exhibition.

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