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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Linked Data Example

I'm blogging live from the LDP conference, and have seen some very exciting technologies and heard some excellent presentations of the linked data vision. In my talk on tomorrow, I discuss the differences between todays web (Web 1.0 & 2.0), which is primarily a web of opaque documents and the simple "isRelatedTo" links between them, verses tomorrow's web vision which offers links between granular semantic (i.e. non-ambiguous references to self-described) concepts. Thus, instead of the document (and links between them) being the atomic unit of information, the database becomes the container.

But Kingsley today demoed something I had not thought a lot about... what if you make the document the container of these richer, semantic statements. RDFa is a standard for embedding RDF into HTML documents. But take a look at Kingsley's keynote presentation (which is a Powerpoint document), or rather, the linked data embedded in it. This graph allows you to explore the slides in the presentation, the concepts it discusses, resources and photos it contains, people related to it and the concepts it mentions, etc.

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