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Monday, July 31, 2006

Cypher - Alpha Release

After five years of R&D, we're proud to present Cypher, a natural language transcoder for the semantic web. Documentation is sparse at the moment, and bugs are plentiful, so we're asking everyone to please bare with us as we transistion the framework from the lab to deployment.

First, to address alot of people's concerns. Our website is undergoing a massive overhaul as we prepare to focus our company's resources on building out and supporting the Cypher community, so there may be a broken link here or there. As for our company's description and mission, we have taken on the task of making natural language processing a commodity, by providing a free (as in beer) and accessible framework for building applications that leverage RDF and high-quality natural language processing. This manifest as the Cypher engine, and "datasets" developed by Cypher users and developers. These contain descriptions of grammars and vocabularies of any natural language. The engine is designed to take as input a natural language construct ( e.g. phrase, clause), and generate the RDF or SeRQL representation of it. It does this by leveraging the linguistic information in the datasets.

We are the first week of our release (and already over 1000 downloads :), so please bear with the lack of resources availible at this point (white papers, documentation, forums etc.). In the meantime, please feel free to send any comments and/or feedback you may have about our Cypher technology.

Through this blog, I will be sharing release information (which will be frequent at the moment), pulling back the covers on some advanced Cypher programming techniques, and much more. Stay tuned...