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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

RDF Radar and PingtheSemanticWeb

The creator of has a post about a new Firefox plugin for detecting RDF on the web:

One of the new comer is the Semantic Radar wrote by Uldis Bojars. This plug-in for FireFox will notify you if it finds a FOAF, SIOC or DOAP RDF document on the web pages your surf.

The characteristic of semantic web documents is that they are not intended for humans, but for software agents (like search engines crawlers, personal agent software like Web Feed Readers, etc). The consequence is that humans do not see these documents, so no body really knows that the Semantic Web is growing and growing on the current Web.

This is the purpose of this new Semantic Radar: unveiling the Semantic Web to humans.

The Semantic Radar: much more than that

This plug-in is much more than that. Effectively, each time it detects one of these semantic web documents, it will notify web service.

This is where the interaction between semantic web services and applications are starting to emerge. Now Web browsers will detect semantic web documents and notify a web service acting as a central repository for semantic web documents
I had the thought to extend Cypher to query the service to detect Cypher datasets, and to notify when it has loaded new datasets created by the user. My question is, is there a way for my software to detect only the RDF documents it is concerned with ( i.e. Cypher dataset documents)? If so, I think developing a simple ontology that can be used to wrap Cypher dataset documents into, basically to point to their location on the web and other metadata, then having Cypher to download the datasets would be an excellent project.


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