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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Radar Network Shows Some Skin

Nova Spivack's new venture, Radar Networks, is finally preparing to reveal the new and highly secretive (Web 2.0/Semantic Web/Meshup/PIM ???) project they've been working on for the last few years. I am really excited to hear they've gotten so far along in development, and am ancipating hearing just what this new technology platform their building is. More importantly, what will be its impact on the Semantic Web (and ergo Cypher):
...something happened that changed my mind about this recently. I had lunch with my friend Munjal Shah, the CEO of Riya, who has an investor, Peter Rip, in common with me. Listening to Munjal tell his stories about how he has blogged so openly about Riya's growth, even from way before their launch, and how that has provided him and his team with amazingly valuable community feedback, support, critiques, and new ideas, really got me thinking. Maybe it's time Radar Networks started telling a little more of its story? It seems like the team at Riya really benefitted from being so open. So although, we're still in stealth-mode and there are limits to what we can say at this point, I do think there are some aspects we can start to talk about, even before we've launched. And besides that our story itself is interesting -- it's the story of what it's like to build and work in a deep-technology play in today's venture economy.
Good to hear another Semantic Web company has found backing in the venture capital community. I'll be staying tuned.


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