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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Remember the Open Mind Project? Well, I recently heard about a group at MIT has taken that commonsense database and created a .NET explorer as well as a Natural Language Processing framework. Here's more from the site:
The ConceptNet knowledgebase is a semantic network presently available in two versions: concise (200,000 assertions) and full (1.6 million assertions). Commonsense knowledge in ConceptNet encompasses the spatial, physical, social, temporal, and psychological aspects of everyday life. Whereas similar large-scale semantic knowledgebases like Cyc and WordNet are carefully handcrafted, ConceptNet is generated automatically from the 700,000 sentences of the Open Mind Common Sense Project – a World Wide Web based collaboration with over 14,000 authors.
There's alot of talk in the docs about it using Microsoft IronPython, which I suppose is a derivation of Python. In my opinion, such common sense databases are akin to an RDF instance database. So while these types of databases don't explicitly offer the type of information Cypher needs to perform language processing, Cypher could be used to populate and query these databases using plain language. In addition, some data, such as type hierarchies, can be extracted from these sources to help in build lexicons. You can expect more Cypher support of such common sense resources as they continue to gain momentum.


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